What the fuck is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

What the fuck is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Today we’ve thought about an ESB. We started by decomposing the whole term of Enterprise Service Bus:

Enterprise – What is an enterprise? So in my opinion an enterprise is a organisation, which creates output or an service or something like that. Service – What is an service? I think we will use here a commonly used definition: “A unit of work done by a service provider to achieve desired end results for a service consumer.” Bus – What is an Bus? A bus is a vehicle, that stops at the bus stop when there are people that like to come in or go out of the bus. So well what do we have at all? A bus, which drives in service of an enterprise. This means it might carry people from home to the company where they work (in other direction too). So this is an ESB. So what are the enterprises which offer an ESB? One of them is SAP from germany/Waldorf:

sap esb

And the corresbonding time table:

sap esb fahrplan